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Foxen Canyon Soap Company

Soap in a Bag

After any large batch of soap is made, there are always scraps and end pieces as well as bars that just don't make the cut aesthetically, but still work great.  We've taken these "bloopers" and popped them into a super sustainable bag made with agave fiber.  This bag acts like a loofah, wash cloth and soap deck all in one!  Plus, it's totally washable and reusable!

To use, get the soap wet and lather away.  Hang to dry.  Remove soap at least weekly and rinse the bag, or pop it in the washing machine.

Soap is assorted.  Please specify in the notes section if you'd like a more masculine or feminine soap, a face soap or a wine soap.  We'll do our best to accommodate!

Each bag contains at least 4.5 oz of soap.

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