About our soaps

Why aren’t your soaps scented?

  • Sustainability is the cornerstone of our business. We live in a world where everything is scented, either with lab created fragrance oils or the more natural essential oil option. Fragrance oils are not natural and can often cause serious allergic reactions and migraines. Essential oils are created by the steam distilling vast quantities of botanicals. Many of these plants are already critically endangered and many others are grown and harvested using non-sustainable, unethical trade practices.
  • Essential oils, in their purest form, are highly potent concentrates that must be diluted to skin-safe levels in carrier oils to avoid causing serious reactions. In our balms and salves, our essential oils are used at the minimum effective rates. Their beneficial properties are retained by adding the essential oils once the base oils have cooled well below their flash points.
  • Unfortunately, during the sanctification process, the chemical reaction between the sodium hydroxide and the oils can bring temperatures well above the flash point, thus negating many of the benefits of the essential oils. It’s debatable how much of the original benefits remains after the process. All handmade soaps, whether using cold or hot process techniques, require a minimum 4-6 week cure in a well-ventilated area. Much of the original aroma of the essential oils dissipate during this curing time. Soapmakers understand this and many increase the essential oil usage rate well beyond the maximum safety limit in order to achieve a stronger scent. Because we don’t know how much potency of the oil remains, this can actually cause severe skin reactions.
  • All this said it takes a huge quantity of plant material to produce a tiny amount of EO which when added to soap is purely for scent. We live in a world where everything is strongly flavored, brightly colored and highly fragranced. Our entire product line is created with completely natural, sustainable ingredients using beneficial plant additives for color. When we use essential oils for select soaps and skincare products, we always use the highest quality oils that have been tested for purity by third-party companies. We also only use essential oils that come from completely sustainable sources and are ethically harvested.
  • We prefer to say our soaps are “naturally scented” over “unscented”. Each bar, in fact, has it’s own unique aroma, even without added fragrance. Because we use such high-quality oils and additives, our bars smell wonderfully fresh and wholesome.

Why does each bar look different?

  • We work with natural ingredients that vary in color from batch to batch. Our beeswax can be a pale golden yellow to a deep ochre depending on which hives the wax was gathered from and what the bees were eating that season. Our avocado oil this season is infused with lemon & turmeric, giving our soap base a warm hue. While the ingredient content remains consistent, each batch is hand mixed and hand poured so patterns, swirling and such will be never be exactly the same, even in the same batch.

Are all the soaps safe to use on my face?

  • For the most part yes. We recommend not using any scented bars on your face since some people may find that essential oils irritate that sensitive skin. Bars with high exfoliation also may cause irritation.

Why use bar soaps instead of shower gel?

  • Our bar soaps are made completely with environmentally safe ingredients. We don’t use any plastic in our packaging. They last an extremely long time when properly cared for. Our soaps are really soaps, not detergents like the majority of commercial bath products. You’ll find that they gently and effectively remove dirt, grease and makeup without stripping your skin of oils or leaving you with that dreaded “squeaky clean” feel. Most people who use our soaps don’t even feel the need to follow up with lotions afterward!

How long should I expect my bars to last?

  • Our testers have found that one small/medium size adult using one full size bar to wash with in the shower each day, with hard water, will go through one bar in 4 weeks. Our testers were asked to allow their bars to dry between uses. We suggest the same for our customers. To get the absolute maximum use, break the bar in half and rotate between halves each day so the other half is completely dry before it is used again. Using a soap deck will let the water drain off away from the bar. Soft water will also help the soap last longer.