Finely Ground Oats – Adding texture, gentle exfoliation and moisture

Ground Cinnamon – Adding color, fragrance and gentle exfoliation

Kaolin Clay (organic) – Contributes to a lighter color, absorbs oil without drying

Comfrey Root Powder (locally harvested) – Adds a soft tan color, gentle exfoliation and a soothing conditioning

Stinging Nettle Powder (locally harvested) – Adds a bright green color, contributes soothing properties

Moringa Leaf Powder  (organic) – Adds a deep greenish brown color, adds to cleansing and conditioning

Activated Charcoal (from bamboo) – A deep black to light gray color (depending on concentration), pulls toxins and oils from skin

Beeswax (locally sourced) – Adds a warm honey smell and a golden color, helps lock moisture in

Honey (locally sourced) – Adds a sweet smell and a golden color, contributes to cleansing and lather

Lanolin – Adds a sweet smell and pale yellow color, extremely moisturizing and conditioning

Sweet Almond Oil (California sourced) – One of the few oils that can sink into the skin while washing, and helps with conditioning

Egg Yolk (locally sourced) – Adds a pale golden color, the added fats and proteins contribute to moisture and conditioning

Aloe Vera – Adds a pale green or yellow color, soothing and refreshing

Kelp (locally harvested) – Dark green fading to pale green brown color, provides a wealth of skin loving vitamins and leaves skin silky smooth

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