About Me & the Isaacson Family

Hi!  I’m Ellowyn Isaacson, founder / owner / soap maker / wife / mom / milk maid / homeschool teacher / dancer.  My family and I moved from suburbia to the quiet, rural town of Sisquoc, CA in July 2015 and quickly set roots down…well, I did at least.  I bought 3 dairy goats before we were even unpacked (no, I had never milked *anything* before).  In less than a year, we had several more goats, ducks, chickens, pigs, rabbits, dogs and a cat.  We recently added dairy sheep too!

I have 6 kids, and each is responsible for a specific part of the day to day farm chores.  Really, the only job I have is to milk the goats and sheep and make sure the yard is ready before a storm comes.  Oh, and buy all the feed.

I grew up in San Jose, CA.  My dad was into computers long before the Bay Area was famous for it and my brothers and I grew up with parts of computers and networking cables and DOS.  My mom baked cookies, cleaned like a maniac and somehow kept us 4 (very strong willed and independent) kids alive for which she deserves a medal of honor.

I studied International Business Management at Sonoma State University and quickly got a position as a Customs Broker importing carpets and pickles from Iran via SFO.  My husband and I met while I was living in San Francisco about to start my Master’s program at University of SF.  3 weeks after our first date, we were engaged and I transferred to an industrial computer company working as a Logistics Specialist.  We’ve now been married for almost 17 years.

6 kids in 8 years changed life fairly dramatically for us.  Along the way, I have stayed home and done a few fun side jobs like teaching dance and selling cooking products.  I’ve mostly focused my “extra” time on learning homemaking skills like canning, making sourdough bread, baking from scratch, gardening and now all of the “farm” skills of raising and “harvesting” animals, milking, making cheese and yogurt, and just keeping animals alive and healthy.

I began making soaps as presents for friends and family about 2 years ago.  I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed the process and was even more surprised by all the positive feedback I got from even my funky/ugly first attempts.

I kept practicing and researching and testing and gifting and eventually found my groove.  I discovered how important ingredient quality was to the quality of the finished product.  I loved playing with the natural colors from plants and quickly learned that I preferred the warm, earthy smells of my unscented soaps to the headache inducing fragrances of others I found in local stores.

Late last year, as I was making another batch of soap for Christmas presents, I had the idea to look into possibility of starting a soap business.  Maybe it was my business background, maybe it was luck or fate, but things went very quickly from that day on.  Foxen Canyon Soap Company transformed from a vague idea into an actual official (and thriving) business in less than 4 months.

As a homeschooling family, I love the opportunity to involve my children every step of the way.  Maybe one day, they’ll take the leap into entrepreneurship too!

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