Soap Making Classes!

One of my favorite parts of owning a soap company is teaching others how to make their own soap!  Doesn’t this seem counter intuitive?  If everyone knew how to make soap, why would they buy from me?  This class does more than just teach the basics of combining lye, oil and liquids.  Students will also learn the differences between handmade soap and store bought soap.  They will learn how to distinguish between synthetic Melt & Pour soaps, (also sold as handmade) and Cold or Hot process soaps.

Students will understand how natural ingredients create color and add gentle aromas to soaps and to recognize soaps made from these ingredients versus lab created mica’s and fragrance oils.  If they come away with nothing else, my students will become an educated soap consumer.  When more people know about the benefits of truly natural, handmade soap, all artisan soap makers will benefit, including myself.

In this class, students will learn about the difference each base oil and liquid choice makes in the final soap.  We’ll discuss the infinite combination of additives, the “chocolate chips” of my soap recipes.  And finally, we pull on our safety glasses, apron and chemical-safe gloves, break into groups of 5 and experience actual soap making!  I will walk each team through the steps of combining ingredients in the proper order to make a batch of cold process soap.  Each student takes home their “raw” soap in a personal mold with instructions on cutting and curing.

My next soap class is scheduled for Friday, September 28th from 6:30-8pm at Gopher Glen in San Luis Obispo.  This will be an evening you won’t forget!  Come as a couple, bring your favorite friends along or come alone and make new friends while we enjoy an evening in the orchard together.  Gopher Glen provides fresh cider, fruit and light refreshments.  Sign up here!  Visit my Events & Classes page for updates.

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